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At ARM, a number of our community development efforts are delivered through the ARM Broad-Based Economic Empowerment Trust (ARM BBEE Trust), which was established in 2005 with the primary objective of contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of poor and marginalised persons. The ARM BBEE Trust provides funding to various provincial rural upliftment trusts throughout South Africa.

These provincial trusts were established by ARM to fund various education, health, welfare and enterprise development projects. Over the preceding five years the ARM BBEE Trust has distributed R74 million to the rural provincial trusts as well as to various church groups, womenís groups and trade union organisations who collectively own 10% of ARM through the ARM BBEE Trust.


ARM BBEE Trust and Motsepe Foundation Meeting

24 November 2015


ARM BBEE Trust dividend distribution

18 November 2014


ARM BBEE Trust sixth dividend distribution

13 November 2012


ARM BBEE Trust fifth dividend distribution

28 November 2011


ARM BBEE Trust fourth dividend distribution

16 November 2010


ARM BBEE Trust distributes R8.9 million

10 December 2009


ARM BBEE Trust distributes R8.9 million

5 December 2008

18 February 2008

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Photo gallery

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