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ARM Copper

Andre Joubert

ARM holds an attributable beneficial interest of 40% in the Lubambe Copper Project. Vale owns 40% of the project and ZCCM 20%.

ARM Copper holds the following:

  • The Lubambe Copper Project (previously Konkola North Copper Project)
  • Lubambe Extension Area (previously known as Konkola North Area A)

Divisional structure

Copper Structure

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Copper Production process

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Operational overview

(100% basis)   F2016 F2015 % change Operational
target F2017
Copper concentrate produced tonnes 51 391 61 902 (17)
Copper concentrate sold tonnes 51 315 62 182 (17)
Contained copper produced tonnes 20 973 25 839 (19)
Contained copper sold tonnes 20 936 25 974 (19)


Copper division

Coal Division map

Copper division map

About Lubambe Copper Mine Limited

Fact sheet: About Lubambe mine
(PDF - 621KB)

Partner company

Vale - Joint Venture partner

ARM Copper gallery

ARM copper gallery ARM copper gallery ARM copper gallery

ARM copper gallery

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